How to Quit Smoking: Counseling and Hypnotherapy

Why Quit Smoking?

It’s official now!  Effective October 01, 2017, a pack of cigarettes in Dubai, and the entire UAE, will cost a smoker 20 dhr per pack.

Even though this cost can be absorbed for most, it is worth a thought to realize that a pack-a-day smoker will be spending 7,300 dhr per year.

*A little side note on the money:  I have had many clients tell me that their smoking increased when they came to Dubai, because tobacco products here were much cheaper than in their homeland.  In my home state of California for instance, a pack of cigarettes costs $7.00, which is about 26dhr per pack.

Of course, we know that the biggest concern is not the money, but our health.  When I ask people why they want to quit smoking, I hear the following reasons:

  1. Health Worries
  2. Pressure from Doctors
  3. Faster Aging of Skin
  4. Loss of Freedom
  5. Bad Smell
  6. Pressure from Spouse
  7. Worried about being a bad role model for their children
  8. Tarnished Image…..and more

How to Quit Smoking in Dubai:

As a counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, I have helped many people quit smoking in Dubai and the United States, using a combination of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), addiction work, and hypnotherapy.

We have to remember that smoking is an addiction and not just a bad habit, or a display of poor willpower.

As a counselor, I spend time with my clients discussing:

  • the underlying mechanisms of addiction
  • habit creation
  • mental tools (CBT based) to deal with the addiction
  • the underlying causes for smoking

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I use hypnotherapy to tap into the subconscious mind to:

  • deepen the resolve to quit
  • remove blocks to success
  • increase motivation
  • make the process easier than expected.




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